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  • C.Montes Alzamora Grand Reserva Malbec From Bordeaux, the Malbec is, without a doubt, the representative variety of Argentine. This wine displays intense, brilliant red tones, with great body and persistent. Price: 0 VND
  • C.Montes Ampa Intenso Cabernet Sauvignon To the eye this wine presents an intense ruby red color. It is complex to the nose with a combination of aromas of red fruits, blackpepper and chocolate. Price: 0 VND
  • C.Montes Ampa Intenso Chardonnay Light yellow to the eye, with attractive green sparkles, this wine blends a delicate combination of tropical intense aromas like banana, pineapple and apple. Price: 0 VND
  • C.Montes Ampakama Cabernet Sauvignon Ruby red in colour, with ruby rims, and a very special scent of gooseberry. Pepper, blackcurrant and chocolate, with sweet tannins and a very fine structure, Price: 0 VND
  • C.Montes Ampakama Chardonnay With a greenish yellow tone, it blends aromas of ripe banana, pineapple, melon, apple and citrics, in harmony with its fruity, creamy and persistent character. Price: 0 VND
  • C.Montes Ampakama Malbec Very intense purplish red color. Complex in the nose with aromas of red fruits, such as cherries and sour cherries. Price: 0 VND
  • C.Montes Don Baltazar Malbec The deep purple colour and tastes of plums, cherries and sweet spice with vanilla and caramel flavours, best express the signature grape of Argentina. Price: 0 VND
  • Leyda Single Vineyard Falaris Hill - Chardonnay This 100% Chardonnay wine comes from our own vineyards located in the recently discovered Leyda Valley, 14 km from the Pacific Ocean. Price: 0 VND
  • Pacual Toso Finca Pedregal 70% Malbec – 30% Cabernet sauvignon. Criado en barricas durante 18 meses. El cabernet sauvignon en roble americano y el malbec en francés. Rubí intenso, gran complejidad, taninos firmes y dulces invita a beber. Price: 0 VND
  • Pacual Toso Magdalena Toso Paul Hobbs & Rolando Luppino best selection of 28 best oak barrels of Malbec, the Magdalena is characterized by its intense red Price: 0 VND
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