Boutique Cellar

  • C.Montes Ampa Intenso Chardonnay Light yellow to the eye, with attractive green sparkles, this wine blends a delicate combination of tropical intense aromas like banana, pineapple and apple. Price: 0 VND
  • C.Montes Ampakama Chardonnay With a greenish yellow tone, it blends aromas of ripe banana, pineapple, melon, apple and citrics, in harmony with its fruity, creamy and persistent character. Price: 0 VND
  • Casa Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre Chardonnay Mùi hương mạnh mẽ với vị quyến rũ của hoa quả tươi, va ni kết hợp với vị ngọt của đường caramen. Price: 0 VND
  • Dom Perignon Rose Gardenia hương than Price: 1 VND
  • Estate Chardonnay Taste the charm of white peaches and nectarines combined with the slight hint of delicious cashew nuts and cream. Price: 0 VND
  • Green Point Chardonnay Loại rượu này là sự pha trộn hương vị của quả đào tươi, nho, quế và mùi gỗ sồi có vị vanillin cay. Price: 0 VND
  • Langmeil Eden Valley Chardonnay COLOUR • Mid straw with bright, light gold hues. NOSE • luscious, creamy aroma of fresh peaches, blood orange and tropical hints. PALATE • Zingy tropical fruits flow onto the palate morphing into peach and citrus flavours in the mouth. Finish is long, fruity and zesty, balanced with great acidity. Price: 0 VND
  • Leyda Costero - Chardonnay Winery: Leyda Valley Country: Chile Varietal: Chardonnay Vintage: 2009 Alcohol: 13.5 % Wine Type: White Price: 0 VND
  • Leyda Single Vineyard Falaris Hill - Chardonnay This 100% Chardonnay wine comes from our own vineyards located in the recently discovered Leyda Valley, 14 km from the Pacific Ocean. Price: 0 VND
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