Boutique Cellar

  • Dom Perignon Blanc gỗ đàn hương, xạ hương, gia vị hỗn hợp, thuốc lá Hồng Price: 0 VND
  • Dom Perignon Rose Gardenia hương than Price: 1 VND
  • Estate Cabernet Sauvignon This wine has rich fruit flavors of black tomatoes, spices and a subtle Congress fresh eucalyptus. The master of the obvious French oak with subtle flavors of tobacco, cedar and chocolate. Price: 0 VND
  • Estate Chardonnay Taste the charm of white peaches and nectarines combined with the slight hint of delicious cashew nuts and cream. Price: 0 VND
  • Estate Sauvignon Blanc This is very typical Australian wine with fruit flavors of fresh lemon, melon, guava and a red and smell fresh cut grass. Price: 0 VND
  • Estate Shiraz This wine is vibrant and improve the flavor of plum, black fruit of sour cherry and black with black olives and fresh spices from the oak and subtle chocolate. Price: 0 VND
  • Green Point Chardonnay Loại rượu này là sự pha trộn hương vị của quả đào tươi, nho, quế và mùi gỗ sồi có vị vanillin cay. Price: 0 VND
  • Green Point Shiraz A bright garnet red. A complex and intense aroma with hints of white pepper, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon which support fragrant ripe blackberry and cherry notes. Price: 0 VND
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