Boutique Cellar

  • Pascual Toso Malbec The 2008 vintage won multiple international awards and hopes are realistically high for this 2009 vintage. Price: 0 VND
  • Pascual Toso Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon With lovely boysenberry and raspberry fruit harmoniously mixing with plenty of vanilla, spice and chocolate shavings, this Cabernet Price: 0 VND
  • Promiseland Moscato Mixed fruit flavors and a melon. Price: 0 VND
  • PromiseLand Shiraz Cabernet Alluring flavors of fruit including ripe plum, black currant fruit and some licorice root of all kinds, along with the chocolate and subtle spice from the mature in oak. Price: 0 VND
  • PromiseLand Unwooded Chardonnay Fresh flavors of peach and gold advanced, with some subtle characteristics of tropical fruit and a fresh lemon citrus. Price: 0 VND
  • St Andrew Cabernet Sauvignon This wine has flavors and significantly improve the black grape, mint and purple flower with the fruits of black tomatoes, fresh and lively and the cigars and tobacco from the oak Price: 0 VND
  • St Andrew Chardonnay It has a fresh flavor, enhanced by white peach, pineapple and a subtle fresh green melon gut Price: 0 VND
  • St Andrew Riesling This is a tight Riesling wines, simple but quite convincing to the aroma of lemon peel and fresh citrus Price: 0 VND
  • St Andrew Shiraz This wine has flavors cherished, delicious and sophisticated but quite attractive. Subtle flavors of chocolate, coffee tissue-ca, hard candy and ice cream mixed with plum, aniseed and grapes Price: 0 VND
  • St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon 40th Ani Trade sense that a wine that really exist complex features give way to an exquisite charm. Price: 0 VND
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